Izziq William, Chief Exceutive Officer

Izziq William aka Alex Berg is the Founder & CEO of Good-Will Consulting (Pvt) Ltd. Good-Will brings vision to empower offshore business men and women. He does it by providing exceptional back office services like sales and marketing, back office administration, wordpress website management. With this focus, he laid the foundation of Good-Will Consulting (Pvt) Limited in the year 2015. Currently with an employee count of almost a mid range company, Good-Will operates like a well oiled machine.

Since then he has set remarkable standards not only in the services industry but has also earned the respect and trust of his offshore patrons. Offshore customers of Good-Will have frequently endorse and refer services to their family and friends due to high level of commitment. In shore Izziq as CEO and Founder ensures that the customers get value for every single buck spent. Knowing the importance of a business operations, he as CEO has introduced many flawless automated processes especially in the insurance industry.

Izziq William as CEO & Founder believes in being a niche specialist and customer testimonial speaks of the value Good-Will adds to their revenue and seamless day to day business processes. As Chief Executive Officer, Izziq William ensures that he creates a win win situation for his customers, specially in the insurance brokerage industry.


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We are a full service contact center solutions, website design and development, virtual assistance service provider, custom mobile app development and graphics design solutions provider. We also specialize in developing intranet based applications.

Why we Do it

We do it because we are confident in the line of our education and applying those studies to develop top notch applications and provide services in accordance with clients demands and requirements.


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  • Web Development
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